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One Day Wood Floor Buff & Coat

One day buff and coat is very simple. Properly cared for hardwood flooring can easily last a lifetime. It is recommended for your hardwood floors to undergo the buff and coat process every 3-5 years after installation to keep your valuable floors beautiful and in tip top shape.

The buff and coat process is a low cost and hassle free alternative for maintaining all types of hardwood floors. Hardwood Rescue will buff floors with high tech equipment to remove all scuffs and scratches, eliminating all wear and tear. Everyday living and traffic is eliminated through the buffing process. We also offer additional wood floor refinishing services including sanding, staining, waxing and more.

Benefits of Buff & Coat

Convenience – Buff and Coat is a one day process!  You can start living on your floors later that day

Dustless –  Fully re-sanding your hardwood floors creates incredible amounts of dust in your home or your business, but the buff and coat process will leave you with a beautiful, protected hardwood floor without the mess.

Family, Pet & Environmentally Friendly – We use water-based products that are safe for children and pets alike.  Avoid the noxious fumes that come along with many refinishing products and service providers.

Economical – It’s more affordable versus traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing.

Expertise – Hardwood Rescue NC are professionally trained hardwood flooring experts that can address any concerns regarding floor renewal, maintenance, protection, repair and installation.

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