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Hardwood Floor Sanding

Don’t replace that old hardwood floor!

Let us take a look at them first. We could save you a lot of money by professionally sanding and refinishing them to look like new again. Quality hardwood floors can be vigorously sanded several times before they need to be reinstalled.

Sometimes shallow cuts and blemishes in the flooring don’t necessitate sanding the boards, and these marred imperfections can be hidden simply by applying fresh polyurethane onto the old surface. If you are concerned with the state of your floor and aren’t sure, Hardwood Rescue can help you decide.

When sanding your floor, you should focus on sanding the center of the floor and work outward. Use a drum or orbital sander for the center and in the areas with the heaviest traffic. If you need to switch to hand-sanding for spots closest to the baseboards, use pads with the same-sized grit. Different-grit sandpaper will ruin the uniform look of the wood.

Instead of hand-sanding the edges, consider renting heavy-duty edging and corner sanders. After sanding, ensure no nails are exposed or above the wood. After sanding, make sure no floorboards came loose during the process. Nail down any loose boards and repeat the sanding process to smooth out the problem area.