Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If your hardwood floor is beginning to look worn, it might be time to refinish the flooring. This isn’t just to make the floor look like new; hardwood flooring is often covered with a protective coating that can be slowly worn away over time. If this coating begins to disintegrate, the floor might be subject to permanent damage.

refinishing-floorTo determine the extent of your flooring’s exposure, you can perform a water test. Place a drop of water in various spots around the room. If the water sits on top of the wood or is slowly absorbed, the original coat may be largely intact – and you can probably touch up the boards.

Water that immediately saturates the wood indicates the original coat is gone and the wood needs to be refinished as soon as possible. Any visible damage, such as stains or warped wood, will need to be addressed before applying a new coat.

Your current finish may not work with fresh polyurethane. This can happen in the case of factory-applied coatings or older, wax finishes. Floors more than forty years old may have an oil-based coating or a shellac base.

Deeper gashes in your flooring may need to be sanded before a new coating is applied.

Heavily compromised flooring, such as flooring with extensive water damage, excessive curling, or severe cracking will need to be removed and a new hardwood floor installed in its place.


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